Born in Honolulu, Richard Alan Bunch grew up in the Napa Valley. His education emphasized the study of history, religion, law, and philosophy at Napa Valley College and Stanford University, Arizona, Memphis, Temple, Vanderbilt, and Sonoma State universities. Thrice nominated for a Pushcart Prize, his poetry has appeared in a variety of national and international publications such as the Oregon Review, Poetry Cornwall, Hurricane Review, Poetry Nottingham, Windsor Review, Fugue, River Oak Review, Fire, Hawai'i Review, California Quarterly, Roanoke Review, and Poetry New Zealand.
His plays, novels, and stories have appeared in several venues. His poetry works include: Summer Swans, Third Eye of Nowhere, and Red Orchids and Daffodils. His novels include: Plato's Cave and Cornet and Clarinda. And his plays include: The Fortune-Telling Parrot and A Crude Awakening. He resides with his family in Davis, California.

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